Sunday, 8 September 2013

3rd Learning reflection

Well, Another week down and I am feeling a lot more confident as time goes by.

This week I learnt about e-Learning Maturity Model (eMM) and e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF). I only had to choose the one which was best suited to my context (eLPF) however I started doing the readings for eMM by mistake and found it extremely interesting so I completed an intuitive assessment based on a distance course which I completed a few years ago. It was quite amazing looking at the course based on the assessment scale,it highlighted many things in which I had not considered when I was taking the course and although the assessment was completed on my own knowledge it was still very intriguing to look into. I know the course has been restructured since I completed it so I question as to where it would now sit on the eMM if I was to look at the new structured course and then complete another intuitive assessment.

After I had completed this I did the e-activities related to eLPF, as this framework is more suited to my context. Again when looking at the readings I found myself thinking through how things were within the school I did the assessment on. I decided it would be quite interesting to go and spend a day at Lowmoor School to see first hand how they are using technologies within the teaching and learning. I think as some technologies are a new thing and is still being implemented within the education sector there will be many schools out there that are going to be sitting around the engaging stage. The implementation of these technologies are not going to happen overnight as as I have also learnt by looking at CBAM and LAT that the implementation of new technologies needs to follow model and it can take many years to implement even one small change. As schools are utilising technologies more and more they will continue to move along the framework to the 'Empowering' stage.

When doing these readings and activities I thought about the planning framework in not only the school I did the assessment on but also another couple of schools in which I have spent a bit of time in. I never really thought about the differences in the way technologies are used within the different schools so my eyes are definitely a bit more open then they were.

At the start of this course I felt like a fish out of water, I was floundering and uncertain on which direction to take and whether I was doing things right. I am extremely thankful that the lecturers for the course have been fantastic so far and given some extremely useful constructive criticism where needed to give guidance to the essay which will soon be due.

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  1. HI Jen

    I also enjoyed the eLPF part of the course. This really made me think and apply it to my school and my work. This also made me think what needs to done in order to move onto the next step of e-learning implementation in my school.