Friday, 6 September 2013

eMM Intuitive Assessment

I am conducting an intuitive assessment of the processes L1, L2 and L3 based on my knowledge of the course restricted to the delivery dimension. I have selected an undergraduate course where there is a choice to study on campus or by distance, I will be using the distance option for my assessment. This course is delivered by a university within New Zealand.

I will be using the eMM capability assessment scale of: Not Adequate (NA); Partially Adequate (PA); Largely Adequate (LA); or Fully Adequate (FA)

L1. Learning objectives are apparent in the design and implementation of courses.

PA - Formally stated learning objectives provided to a limited extent,either as narrative descriptions of the course outcomes or only in documentation provided after enrolment.
LA - Most, but not all, assessments and learning activities contain explicit linkages to course learning objectives or restate learning objectives using different wording.

PA - Learning objectives linked implicitly, incompletely or inconsistently during design and development to wider programme or institutional objectives.
LA - Learning objectives address student outcomes other than recall in most but not all courses.
PA - Learning objectives linked implicitly, incompletely or inconsistently during course workload and assessment design and development.

L2. Students are provided with mechanisms for interaction with teaching staff and other students. 

PA - Interaction between staff and students provided only through a limited or informal mechanism or only through face to face contact.
FA - Course documentation contains clear and consistently presented lists of teaching staff email addresses repeated in suitable places.
LA - Technical support is provided to students to assist them in making effective use of the available communication channels, but support is not actively promoted or provided to all students.

L3. Student skill development for e-learning is provided.

LA - The relationships between course components and activities are conveyed to students explicitly, but only for some components or courses, or in an unnecessarily different way between courses.
LA - Formal opportunities for students to practice with e-learning technologies and pedagogies provided after commencement of courses, or only cover some technologies and pedagogies or some courses.
PA - E-learning skills support and training is provided informally and depends on the teaching staff skills and availability.
PA - Course activities provide limited, inconsistent or informal feedback opportunities beyond the marks assigned for assessed work.

Value Judgement:

This assessment is based on my memory of a course. This course was completed a few years ago and I know that the course has been altered but I have not looked into the new details. This assessment is based on what I remember from when I completed the course and therefore should not be taken as a reliable analysis.

This eMM intuitive assessment is based on limited knowledge and personal experience of the course from only my perspective. It was completed as a course activity for EDEM630 and is not a valid assessment.

Resource used:
Marshall, S. (2007). E-Learning Maturity Model: Process descriptions [draft report]. Retrieved from

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  1. Hi Jennifer

    Looks like the course could have been a lot more effective. I did a series of distance courses a few years ago. The level of support available now makes things so much easier, particularly in regards to the access to lecturers.