Tuesday, 27 August 2013

2 more bibliography resources

Sherry, L., & Gibson, D. (2002). The path to teacher leadership in educational technology. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

This looks at Learning/Adoption Trajectory (LAT).  It has a series of four stages which are used to learn to use instructional technology (IT).

a)      Teacher as the learner. This is the information gathering stage where the teachers learn the knowledge and skills necessary for performing instructional tasks using technology.

b)      Teacher as the adopter. This is the stage where the teacher progresses through personal and task management concern whilst experimenting with the technology within the classroom.

c)       Teacher as co-learner. This is where the teacher focuses on developing a clear relationship between technology and the curriculum.

d)      Teacher as reaffirmer or rejecter. This is when the teacher develops a greater awareness of outcomes and begins to create new ways to observe and assess impact of the technology.

Once the four stages have been used the teacher will then move onto the stage: Teacher as leader. This is where the teacher is experienced and expands their role to become an active researcher, also to share improvements and teach new members.

This looks like a useful model however I don’t think it will fit with my research topic very well. It is based more on the teacher using the technology within a whole class environment rather then for specific students within the classroom.

Ronnie H. Shroff, R.H., Deneen, C.C. and Ng, E.M.W. (2011). Analysis of the technology acceptance model in examining students’ behavioural intention to use an e-portfolio system, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. 2011, 27(4), 600-618.

This looks at the Technology acceptance model (TAM) and how it is used for the adoption of e-portfolio use, It looks at the perceived usefulness and ease of use followed by the attitude towards use and the behavioural intention towards usage.

I think this model would be a useful one when looking at the use of learning games for ASD children, The ease of use and the usefulness are important aspects to have when introducing a new technology. This model would help to look at the attitudes and behaviours from introducing the new technology.

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