Saturday, 27 July 2013

Provisional Essay Plan 3.1

Do learning games benefit ASD children within literacy education


Prepare an abstract of 350 words summarising the topic, key findings and conclusion
More research is needed to complete this part


Describe your context of change and research question including:

The nature and characteristics of the technology innovation (i.e. the what?)
Focus is on how learning games within literacy affects learning, what are the benefits? What makes them effective?

An explanation of the importance and significance of the change for teachers and learners (i.e. the why?)
I will look at why the learning games will be useful, why they will benefit ASD learners.

The thesis / or problem statement or research question What is the main idea, point of view or central question you will address in your review of the change model(s)
By introducing learning games during literacy to autistic children in year 1, is there an improvement in the learning?


This is the main part of the essay which should cover:

A description of the change model(s) Identify an appropriate model of change which informs your thesis or problem. Summarise the relevant model with appropriate connections to your topic / context.
How the teacher is going to use, manage and analyse
How it will fit in with other programs within the classroom
What the teacher will need to change for the change to take place.
Management of the ASD child within the class during lessons
Appropriate CBAM and LAT models

A review of the implications of the change model for your own context. You should cover both strengths and shortcomings or pros and cons of the model(s).
Family concerns
School consent

Including for example, recommendations for the future or lessons learned.

Whether learning games are beneficial, any recommended changes


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    EDEM630 is a course on change with digital technologies in education.

    Based on my reading of your draft essay plan, I think your topic is still too much on answering the question of learning games and ASD children rather than applying the research and models of change and technology adoption / diffusion as it relates to your research topic. I'm still missing the focus on change with digital technologies. Perhaps this is implied in your research topic or you have this clear in your mind -- but I'm missing the focus in your central research question. You'll need to keep this in mind when you start authoring your essay.

    Keep up the good work -- I look forward to reading your essay.

  2. Hey Wayne,

    Sorry I think I was a bit confused when I started writing the above. I have done the activity again, hopefully it is a bit clearer in relation to change.