Saturday, 13 July 2013

Research Topic 1.2

Well, I struggled a lot with this, I had many different things that I was looking into for my topic but writing the question... hurt my head a little but finally I got there (i think)

  • By introducing learning games during literacy to autistic children in year 1 is there an improvement in the learning?

I chose this as my research question as I was in a discussion with a group of teachers about using ipad apps in the classroom. Most schools use them within maths and literacy but the discussion was about using them with under achievers, ESL learners and autistic children.  This made me quite interested about using the different apps/games available to support and enhance the learning of children within these areas and whether it benefits their learning.

I am interested in this topic as I have worked with Autistic children within different levels and have always wondered about ways to enhance their learning in the areas that they struggle with. (for example literacy) I have seen the benefits of using learning apps/games within the classroom for children, I think that they would improve the learning of an autistic child but it would be dependent on the app/game chosen and as all autistic children fall into a different place on the spectrum. Each autistic child would need specific apps to enhance their learning otherwise I don't see their being a benefit.

There are a lot of different organisations that provide information about the apps that have been created to help autistic children as well as ones to help teachers and support staff monitor autistic children.
Autistic children are the ones that are mostly affected by my topic however their families, teachers and carers are also affected.

I went and watched a few you tube videos about autistic children and the use of apps/games, a lot seem to be on how they use them in their personal life with their friends and family

Sitting here writing this has more questions and feelings running through my head and I feel my brain getting all jumbled, I can see a follow up post to this in the next couple of days once I manage to sort through everything in my head.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I completed EDEM624-Perspectives on Autism last semester and really got a lot out of it. I will be really interested in what you find out with your research topic. I visited the Special Ed unit at Nayland College in Nelson last term and was fascinated with the iPad apps they were using with their non-verbal Autistic students and what a difference it was making to their quality of life - amazing stuff.

    1. Wow that sounds like it would have been fascinating, one of the schools I relieve at have just started to look into apps for one of their autistic children. It amazes me the amount of apps that are out their specifically designed for children with ASD.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    A state of confusion is quite normal during the early phases of a meaningful research project. From my own experience, I usually grapple with multiple questions before gaining clarity on the research focus. Its part of the process and I hope that the exercise of a public blog post will help to clarify ideas for the next iteration.

    You've narrowed the "change of technology" component rather well. The target audience, year level and type of technology is focused. Well done.

    Have you thought about how the literature on change with digital technologies will inform and guide your research questions? The readings and activities during Week 2 & 3 should help in refining the research proposal for the change lens.

    Great reflective post and looking forward to the next edition.

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Glad to see my confusion is normal, It is definitely a learning curve that's for sure! No I havn't thought about how the literature will inform and guide my questions although I did find myself pondering this when I was looking at other research articles and journals yesterday.
      I look forward to looking at the readings and activities over the next two weeks and seeing what developments my research project takes

  3. Hi Jen, I'm interested in what you discover about cross-over of mainstream apps that are not specifically designed for autistic children, but have shown to be beneficial. Is this something you will be looking at during your research? Seems I can't find a kid that doesn't love Subway Surfer and Temple Run.

    1. Hi Shelley,

      Yes it is something that may arise in my research, I know there a some apps that aren't designed for ASD children but are beneficial so it will be seeing if these are beneficial within a classroom setting.