Saturday, 13 July 2013

Published items for annotated bibliography 1.3

Klipper, B. (2013). Apps and Autism. American Libraries, 44(6), 36-39. 

This study looks at how apps are currently being used for children with ASD and in what contexts, It has options for high and low income family which are currently being talked about over seas.
  • Ways of integrating apps within the classroom and libraries
  • list of elements to look for when evaluating an app
  • places you can get recommendations for apps
This is quite a vague source in some areas, especially how apps are used within the classroom it focuses more on apps in a social setting and in libraries however it has some interesting points about evaluating an app and different ways of integrating an app which I think I will find useful for my topic.

O'Malley, P., Lewis, M. B., & Donehower, C. (2013). Using Tablet Computers as Instructional Tools to Increase Task Completion by Students with Autism. Online Submission,

This papers looks at the use of iPads within the classroom during maths lessons, it has the questions that they used to determine the success of ipads to enhance learning of children with ASD

Although the source is not entirely to do with using apps within the classroom it still has a focus of using technology within the classroom to enhance learning. The use of maths learning for the research gives me an example of questioning that was used for this study and the results they got from the use of iPads to enhance learning.

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