Thursday, 8 August 2013

Scenario Matrix

I really struggled with this task, been pondering if for 2 days before I could get to the point of typing it up. I wanted to look at technology in education and the increase having effects on socialism within schools but also the difference between privitised and public schools using the technology.. hopefully I have done this right

Couch Potato
School has moved to online tutorials, these are monitored by teachers for attendance and achievement levels for each student. Learning is not individualised but teachers are available for online support during the day if necessary. The technology used is very basic and not always upgraded when required due to funding and the cost of new technology.
The students in the scenario see school as a bore, they can't learn as they want to as the technology is not available and will often not completed the required tasks due to problems with the old technology.

Closed clam:
Schools are attended online, the learning is expensive due to the technology required to access the learning content. Once logged on the programme for the day is available and the students work through at their own pace. Tests are included within the daily programme if necessary to help the technology assess the students progress and assign the learning for the next day based on their achievements.
Students do not talk to each other or a teacher as all learning is independent, technology is used to ensure this.

Schools are all public funded, Student grouping is used on a regular basis to maintain the social aspect of school. The technology is not relied upon and has a small presence within the classroom with other equipment and resources used before technoogy. Schools receive funding from the government to keep up with the change in technology but this is a minimal amount and is spent with careful consideration on technology that will last the longest and have the most uses. Teachers guide the learning by selecting appropriate programs for the students to match their learning needs.

Social Butterflies:
School is maintained for the social factor within education. In this scenario funding is not an issue as the schools are all privitised and tuition fees are high to allow new technology to be accessible at all times. Technology is relied on for all aspects of the day and as soon as something new is released the classroom equipment is upgraded. Teachers are only there for supervision and support as students learn through online tutorials.
The draw back of this scenario is the amount of e-waste that is accumulating due to constant upgrades within the schools, the amount is not able to be disposed if fast enough to stop it causing damage to the environment.


  1. Hi Jennifer, I like the options for scenarios you have come up with. I like the thought of the last one 'social butterflies' in some respects but it was interesting you considered the impact on the environment too. I guess this is hardware up grades that are piling up. I should really expand mine to consider the environment and other key aspects. Thanks

    1. Yep, I have just dropped some tv's at the e-waste recyclers and saw how packed it is.. really makes you think!

  2. Hi Jennifer

    I really struggled with this task too! I found it really hard to get started and never quite knew what to do. Fortunately the posts of others and talking to Wayne and Nikki helped. I know I spent wwwwwaaaaayyyyy longer than the 45 minutes suggested!

    I like what you've done. It's logical and easy to follow. The scenarios are plausible and your explanations are clear.

    Nice work.


    1. Glad it is logical and easy to follow! I had the same 'unsure what to do' feeling and when looking at others it made sense but I couldn't really tie it together in my own way

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I am in the same boat. I just couldnt get my head around it. But i spent a week writing and tearing papers. yet last night was same. This morning I gave a go and made it final. But I like your ideas and they are really easy to understand and follow.

    1. I spent the last 2 days going over the page and readings... i spent last night not looking at it at all and when i went to do it this morning it just started to come quite easily, maybe i overworked myself i think and just needed the break

  4. I agree with Darren, I never considered e-waste. nice work covering that aspect. I also like the names you chose for each quadrant.

    1. Thanks, would never have really considered it if i hadnt just dropped some tvs off at an e-waste recyclers and seen how packed it was :)