Thursday, 1 August 2013

Scenario planning - An interesting concept

Initially I saw Scenario planning as something that could be useful but I had no strong opinions as to whether it would be useful or not.
I have watched and read various information about Scenario planning, I now understand it a lot more and can see the benefits that there are if scenario planning is used.
Based on the readings I have done it sounds like a very positive thing that to do, it shows how scenario planning has been used in the past and gives information about the successes through using it, I have also read how it is getting used currently and although there is no information as to what the actual outcome is the scenarios that have been created cover any possible aspects.

Being a very visual learner I was amazed at how different the scenarios in the above video were, it definitely highlights that there could be a range of scenarios from good outcomes to bad outcomes.
I am still working on the pros and cons of scenario planning in my context but from what I have read about the use of it in other contexts I can’t see a downside. Planning is something that is done in teaching on an extremely regular basis (as any teacher will know) so at present the only downside I can see is the time factor however having looked at the scenarios for the future could be extremely beneficial to a teacher when implementing a change in digital technologies.
During the online workshop I would like to learn more about Scenario Planning and how it can effectively be done because I think it would be a very useful tool to be able to use.

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  1. Great progress in your scenario planning journey. The fun bit is generating your own scenarios which we will look at next week.