Thursday, 15 August 2013

Reflection 2

Well, time has gone so quickly!

Its funny how we take things for granted. Yesterday I discovered I was unable to access learn, uni databases, student web and all other online areas that required a password to get into. This got very quickly sorted with a password reset and I was able to continue working on my assignments again. However today when I tried to log in I encountered the same unable to log in problems. Ringing the IT help desk gave me no answers and a really long wait for the problem to be solved (4.5hrs)
I rang them in the end and discovered that my account had been terminated however they could not tell me why as they didn't know.

Anyway now that I can get back into everything again I can continue to work on assignment 1.1 since I have just completed assignment 1.2 and am getting ready to upload it. I am feeling quite good right now :) With scenario planning fresh in my mind the decision to complete that first was a pretty easy one to make.

It was quite interesting being a part of a mOOC, something I had never done before. I did find it extremely hard to keep within the time frames for some of the tasks and on occasion spent well over the 1-2 hours a day reading and researching information. (highly addictive)

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