Monday, 5 August 2013

Relevant trends

Trends I have identified are:

  • Gaming and Gamification - Learning games use within the classroom and games with levels, stages and achievements
 I selected this trend as it is becoming more common for groups to use learning games when they are not working with a teacher or completing a follow up activity. I am also looking at the change in education involving the use of learning games with ASD children.
I think it is important as it is being used within the classroom a lot more and is replacing th ehands on games and activities that would normally be used.
  •  Smart web - multitudes of information kept on the internet (internet of things) for example testing, student tracking, teacher resources etc.
I selected this as majority of schools have some degree of this within the school, I think it is important as more and more information is going up into the 'cloud' which can reduce the amount of paperwork in some areas.

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