Sunday, 11 August 2013

Schools: Destroying our environment!

Gone are the days where schools are attended by all children, where there is government funding for schools and where children get multiple interactions with the teacher and their peers.

Today we have none of that, with the government constantly losing money, the decision to stop funding in the education sector was made. Majority of schools could not survive without the funding and the now empty buildings that used to be filled with children's chatter and laughter are only being  used by poorer families that are trying to give their children some type of education by using old textbooks and anything else they can find that was left behind in the classrooms.

However some schools did survive, they turned into privitised schools with enormous tuition fees, large sized classrooms and huge amounts of technology. The children that are wealthy enough to go to these schools have the newest technology and learning tools as soon as they are released. There are no concerns about the amount of children within each class as all the children work at their own speed as determined by the new computer technology. This technology keeps track of how well the student is learning and plans their learning for the following day based on the days achievements.Technology is now used for everything within the school day and the children are beginning to rely on the technology for all aspects within their lives. Due to the increase in technology the way the children are taught has changed significantly. You will not find a pen and paper within the class, children don't have textbooks and the library is now online with all books available to be read online by multiple people at one time.

In order to maintain the cost of the new privitised schooling the schools have had to constantly upgrade their technology used within the classrooms. Parents want to see their children learning to their full potential and with the price they are paying for their children to be able to learn old technology just won't do. The schools employed techno-teachers to find the best technology from around the world and obtain it for use within the school. When the new technology arrives the old gets disposed of as soon as the new is installed.

With the rate of technological advance the stream of new technologies entering the different privitised schools is extremely high, due to this the rate of technological equipment being disposed of is skyrocketing, the demand for old technology is low as everyone wants the next best thing, so it just starts to pile up. Recyclers of the technological waste centers work hard to keep the levels of waste at a minimum but it quickly becomes hard to do and the waste starts to pile up and affect the environment that we live in.

Schools are being warned that if they continue their technological ways then not only are they making our children reliant on technology but that they will also continue to destroy the environment around them.

By Jennifer Bourne


  1. Well that's a bit of an eye-opener Jennifer. Lots of interesting concepts tied up in your article. Hope it doesn't come true and that it stays as a scenario!!

    1. I agree it would be good to stay a scenario but with the way things are happening in the world/country you never know. Technology is present a lot more within the classroom as days go by...

  2. Yeah, like the environmental slant to this one. Thanks for making the point re no more pencils and paper. I still don't have my head around that change, but the more I read it the more I start to concede that it's a likely outcome. Thanks Jennifer, good to read.

    1. I remember watching a clip about a school up in the north island that uses tablets for writing, It would be a shame if it does get to this point everywhere tho, as much as technology has its uses it also has its downfalls.